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New Teacher Spotlight!

Matix Parker, Editor February 1, 2022

New faces, new teaching styles, and new energy! This year, John I. Leonard gained a handful of new teachers and faculty members; The Lance will highlight them in each edition posted. Lindsey Sconhoft...

“Catastrophic Series of Tornadoes”

Abigail Artica February 1, 2022

There has been a recent tornado outbreak in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The tornadoes started appearing on Frid ay (December 10th) night. They were very unexpected. 88...


Fernanda Benitez February 1, 2022

Midterms are here! Midterms are exams given to students to measure what they know throughout the semester. This year's midterms schedule is a bit different from the previous years. Our first exam is...

Bad Bunny

Genesis Garcia, Editor February 1, 2022

  Bad bunny is one of the most coveted celebrities in the music industry where he has been invited to several awards.   Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is known for Bad Bunny. He...

The Art of Photography

Debora Hernandez February 1, 2022

Photography is one of the many ways a story can be told. Although many people believe that photos grasp the reality of a story, they are partially true because a photo doesn’t show the true story...

Not Just a Team But A Family

Emma Strano February 1, 2022

The John I Leonard sports system doesn't just consist of winning or losing but growing up together and forming a team, especially the John I Boys Basketball Team. The JV players and Varsity players think...

Spider- man Now Way Home

Tyler Rouse February 1, 2022

Spoiler Alert Ahead      Peter pays a visit to Doctor Strange to ask him if he can cast a spell that will make everyone forget that he is spiderman and he agrees to cast the spell,but Peter keeps...

Hispanic Dances

Eli Alvarez, Editor February 1, 2022

  Two girls dance to astonish the judges with a traditional dance, yet they are very nervous. The judges are excited as well as the public. The dance that you are about to present is very traditional...

From a crying session to an overnight sensation

Melissa Valdes February 1, 2022

 Olivia Rodrigo released 2021’s #1 top hit on Spotify on Jan 8, 2021. The song was inspired after a rumored publicity stunt about breaking up with her former boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, that she...

The Hardship of Low-income Families

February 1, 2022

     People all around the world are having a hard time, and it does not look like it will come to a end. The main cause is the raise of prices of essential products and services. For example food,...

Squid Game Breaks All Expectations

Kennet Hernandez January 28, 2022

Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father who lives in Korea with his mother and is in debt from gambling; has been invited to play a series of children's games with many others for a chance at a large cash...

The Halloween Kills Movie Fail

Nevaeh Hopkins January 28, 2022

The Halloween movie everyone was excited for was labeled a flunk. The well known horror movie series that started in 1978 has recently released the 12th Halloween movie on october 15, 2021 titled Halloween...

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