Not Just a Team But A Family

Emma Strano

The John I Leonard sports system doesn’t just consist of winning or losing but growing up together and forming a team, especially the John I Boys Basketball Team. The JV players and Varsity players think the same thing on how the team functions, and how they can make the team accountable for each other’s actions. The John I Varsity Lancers seem to be going pretty strong with a 4-0 record. Playing inside of school basketball and outside of school basketball are two completely different formats of basketball. The two people that were interviewed were Aleimis Carballo and Schneider Vijean. Aleimis is on the JV basketball team stated, “We as the JV team has been very overachieving with being 4-0 and haven’t lost any games and haven’t had a really close game so far. I feel like our JV team is very well built, well rounded.” While for the Varsity player Schneider his question was, was it hard making varsity this year and why? His response was, “Yes it was hard, there was a lot of competition but I feel with hardwork and perseverance the team is what it is because of that.”


The John I Leonard basketball team has been very successful overall, and not just in baseketball but with their sports, they have been doing a lot and overachieving in their academics. A player on the JV team, Shawn Sanon, he proudly has 4 A’s and 3 B’s and continues his journey on a basketball team for school. The John I Leonard sports system takes it very seriously when it comes to being on top of their grades. You can not have less than  a 3.0 GPA to play a sport in school. John I Leonard doesn’t just have great academies such as the Medical Academy, The Fiance Academy, etc.