From a crying session to an overnight sensation

Melissa Valdes

Olivia Rodrigo’s first hit song became a hit through TikTok.

 Olivia Rodrigo released 2021’s #1 top hit on Spotify on Jan 8, 2021. The song was inspired after a rumored publicity stunt about breaking up with her former boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, that she worked with on the set of High School Musical the Musical; however, the rumors were quick to be shut down by the writer herself. She took a rough draft of her song to Daniel Nigro, a former member of the band As Tall as Lions to work and edit the song together.

     Olivia Rodrigo wrote the song after she got her license while riding around the suburbs crying about her recent breakup. It quickly turned from a crying session to an overnight sensation once it was released; the label Geffen and Interscope Records helped promote her song even further to 100 million streams on Spotify. The popularity of the song “blew up” the rest of her album that soon followed “Drivers License”