The NHS: Its Achievements, Goals, and Appreciation

Dariana Mejia Cruz

The NHS; an influential group that many students across America are involved in. The main values of this group consist of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. All members must abide by these values, as doing so permits them to “…feel part of a bigger purpose,” as JIlH’s NHS’s president, Endry Rodriguez, stated.

The NHS, or National Honor Society, is a club that recruits students who succeed academically and have obtained at least 20 community service hours. Along with providing these students a larger sense of duty and community, they are also given opportunities to increase the amount of community service hours they have. Members are given the chance to help out their community on their own time, while improving their resumes for college, which for many, especially those recruited in this group, is a goal they wish and are willing to workto achieve. 


This club is one of the, “…most prestigious high school clubs…” in which the students of John I. Leonard High School, “…have demonstrated their commitment to their academic goals and success,” as the club coordinator and 2021 Dwyer nominee, Dr. Caron stated. She went further on to discuss ways in which this commitment was shown, especially in many of the student-led service projects, where every year, the “…school admin and students collaborate on a school-improvement project for the year (anything from painting murals or the courtyard, to recycling and safety projects).” One of the four pillars of the NHS, leadership, is expressed by these members through their participation in “…beach clean-ups, [the] painting [of] low-income houses, [the] act…in a supporting capacity for fundraising efforts of local organizations,” and much more. Ultimately, Dr. Caron’s goal as the club coordinator is to help students find things they are passionate about as well as activities and opportunities to not only sharpen their leadership skills but help their community through doing so. 


This club is not like any other high school, as Endry Rodriguez, the president of NHS at John I. Leonard High said. He believes that this group has helped him, “…personally by being able to grow in a sense of leadership,” allowing him not only to feel like part of something larger, but also, “…take leadership most of the time.” When asked what he would change about the society, he said he wouldn’t change anything about it, but that, “…if anything, just mak[ing] sure members are more involved than they already are,” was the only thing that he could think of. 


In essence, the NHS has proved to be a beneficial group to many, especially for 6th-year club sponsor, Dr. Caron, and club president, Endry Rodriguez. As years go on, it will continue to help thousands of adolescents in our community improve who they were through their dedication to their community and future.