The Halloween Kills Movie Fail

Nevaeh Hopkins

Rising from the dead. Michael Myers survive the flames.

The Halloween movie everyone was excited for was labeled a flunk. The well known horror movie series that started in 1978 has recently released the 12th Halloween movie on october 15, 2021 titled Halloween kills. 

  Halloween Kills didn’t get a good response like the other movies did. The movie lost its main purpose when Michael was the epitome of a machine killing supernatural being Critics have stated that the story line has seemed to have gotten stuck instead of moving forward with new problems to face. For example, in one of the scenes the whole town gets together to find Michael Myers and kill him but never succeed How does a “human” overpower an entire town? That is another one of the cheesy elements that make the movie a cheese party.                                 

With a mentality of a six year old he had the driven need to kill for no apparent reason and only on Halloween night. He survived being inflamed in fire in the basement in the last movie making everyone believe he was dead, but they were wrong. There was one other thing he wanted to do was  look out the window of his childhood home.

 One of the reviews on Halloween kills stated, “ The story ended up being a big mess because it repeated various past mistakes, such as sidelining Laurie by keeping her at the hospital, making Micheal Myers supernatural again.” The movie was mainly focused on Micheal instead of the other main character we saw more of the town then anything, but either way the movie was still a flop. We were led to believe there’s going to be another movie because the ending scene is him looking out the window of his childhood home.