Squid Game Breaks All Expectations

Kennet Hernandez

One mistake and you die. Here the main character(Seong Gi-hun)Is playing a game called ppopgi, where you detach the shape in the middle without breaking the shape.

Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father who lives in Korea with his mother and is in debt from gambling; has been invited to play a series of children’s games with many others for a chance at a large cash prize. The show is about how a large group of people who are all indebted are invited to play in a life or death tournament against each other. Squid game premiered on september 17, 2021.

The idea of squid game came from Hwang’s (the director of squid games) own family situation in 2009. After a global financial crisis hit his home land. ‘’I was very financially straightened up because my mother retired from the company she was working for,’’ Hwang says.  One of the main reasons why the show is so successful is because of its incredible sets for the game that were all built from scratch.

Squid game is the most watched show in Netflix history; the reviews on the show have been more positive than negative. One review from a user on rottentomatoes.com stated that they were in awe with the sets ’’the sets were mesmerizing. I was actually shocked to know that not much CG was used.’’

The simple message and stunning, often brutal visuals of squid game are a formula for success. The creator of the show, Hwang, didn’t take long to announce that there will be a season 2 next year.