The Art of Photography

Debora Hernandez

An Indonesian cultural festival where the dancers are dressed in Sarongs.

Photography is one of the many ways a story can be told. Although many people believe that photos grasp the reality of a story, they are partially true because a photo doesn’t show the true story behind it. 

The Indonesian cultural festival celebrates its independence day from the dutch and is celebrated every August 17.

The Indonesian cultural festival is a chance where Indonesians get to be happy as shown in the photograph. But, it doesn’t show the suffrage they go through in daily life.

The dark reality is that many are unhappy. As Indonesia is deep in poverty and the government does nothing to help them. 

These photos are showing the hard- truth of the daily life of an Indonesian

On the other hand, photography can sometimes depict exactly what is going on. For example, in the images above, Many are suffering because they can’t afford the necessities of life such as water and food. Housing is extremely expensive and it’s stated that ¨ As of September 2018, the poverty rate stood at 9.66% (some 25 million people), the lowest ever recorded¨. The inequality between the rich and the poor keeps on growing and poverty is worsening.

However, photography takes skill, not just mindless clicking in a camera. It’s about finding the right moment in where everything comes together. It all requires thoughtful thinking to show the significance of the photo. 

Every photo describes a different story which is why photography is appreciated we get to the struggles, the accomplishments, the sad moments, and the happy moments with a photo.

As people, every individual forms a different interpretation from a photo. This is why photography is unique. Everyone receives a different message from a photo.