Mexican Cuisine

Ismail Hasan

Here is a picture of a food stand in everyday Mexico.

Food represents a big part of Mexican culture. When you think of Mexican food you think of nachos or tacos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some other popular dishes include the following Enchiladas, atole, mole sauce, tamales, burritos and pozole.


Tamales are a big part of Mexican culture, especially during christmas.  The tradition of tamales dates back to Meso-American times when, long before the Spaniards arrived, Mesoamericans believed that God created humans from corn. Because corn was so important, previously wrapped tamales became a part of ritual offerings, a human stand-in, of sorts.


Mexican food is known for its spiciness. Some of the main Mexican ingredients include beans, meat, tomatoes, maize, peppers, habanero peppers, chillies, onions, nuts, guavas and avocados. 


Most of the food and ingredients reflect on the surroundings. Authentic Mexican food is high in minerals and vitamins.