Fernanda Benitez

Exam week! Exams are here and we are studying to do our very best. (Tom Wang)

Midterms are here! Midterms are exams given to students to measure what they know throughout the semester. This year’s midterms schedule is a bit different from the previous years. Our first exam is on the 17th of December. It’s going to be a normal day, but with our 2nd hour being 2 hours long. The following week we have 3 half days. We have 2 exams each of those 3 days. Each exam is 2 hours and we get to leave at 12pm. After these exams we officially can say goodbye to the 1st semester and begin our winter break. 


Midterm exams are very important for students; some students are stressed on passing these exams. “I feel pressured to get a good grade on my midterm,” says Angelica Mejia, a 9th grader. Why do students feel like this?  “These exams count and it goes into our college transcripts” says Nancy Onofre, a 9th grader.


Now that our 1st semester is over, we can welcome our 2nd semester. This means we are closer to our state tests. This semester is very important because we must prepare for our state exams and end of course exams as well. Not only that but if you fail you’ll end up repeating the same course next year.


Although midterms are stressful and a handful, our teachers believe in us. They have prepared us for this moment, and we are capable of showing them what we know. On exam day students should come fully eaten, calm and prepared to do our very best. For future exams, some ways to prepare is to make goals for yourself. Having these goals keeps you focused. Staying organized is the key to preparing for exams. It helps you prioritize your goals and keeps you away from stress. You also must eat healthy and drink eight glasses of water everyday.