Hispanic Dances

Eli Alvarez, Editor

Hispanic dances are the most colorful, two girls show up to dance a very cultural dance before the people support them. This dance represents them before a jury that will qualify them, around many cheerleaders. At the end of the dance the girls are with adrenaline in their entire body waiting excitedly for the jury’s qualification.


Two girls dance to astonish the judges with a traditional dance, yet they are very nervous. The judges are excited as well as the public. The dance that you are about to present is very traditional in the Hispanic culture. The dresses are very colorful and cheerful. This took place in the festival that is celebrated every year in their community in the cultural months such as April, May, September and in some countries December.


The two girls dance to win the award and to prove that they are the best in the dance culture. At the moment of starting these girls will give everything to demonstrate it to the people to the netters and to the judges and to themselves. The judges are astonished and the girls are excited.


The traditional dances are centered more in Central America and South America. In more than 60 countries there are these cultures that try to show which is the most beautiful. These traditions go back a long time ago. In any case, all of them are very beautiful and represent their country, culture and personalities of each individual who shares them. Having this privilege is very important in Hispanic culture.



In Central America, there are several folk dances, all very beautiful and unique.

The changing rooms they occupy are very colorful, the music is very happy and these dances can be enjoyed very well, they are also the main attractions of each Central American country.

Some dances that stand out are




Like the two girls, there are many more people who want to show that they are the best, although all the dances are really beautiful, there are many people who live off that and give everything when they dance.