“Catastrophic Series of Tornadoes”

Abigail Artica

There has been a recent tornado outbreak in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The tornadoes started appearing on Frid

These Kentucky citizens are looking at the destruction the tornado left on their neighborhood.

ay (December 10th) night. They were very unexpected. 88 people were found dead, and 80 of them were from Kentucky. These tornadoes have destroyed over a thousand homes President Biden called an emergency declaration and said he would be visiting soon. 


The tornadoes are the worst ever in Kentucky’s history. The tornado affected about 277 mile, which could possibly make it the longest in history. The destruction of homes has left over a thousand people homeless. Many people were left with no power too, since the power lines were knocked down. Many shelters have had to open up all over Kentucky. 

The reconstruction of the state is going to take a lot of time and money. About 2 million dollars have been donated, however they will be used to cover funeral costs. It’s going to take years to completely recover from all the damages, but the Kentucky citizens are determined to get to work. Although people are ready to rebuild their homes, they might not be able to afford it. There is a lack of lumber and labor, making it extra expensive. Can you imagine what it would be like to have everything you’ve worked for, destroyed in a matter of minutes?