New Teacher Spotlight!

Matix Parker, Editor

New faces, new teaching styles, and new energy! This year, John I. Leonard gained a handful of new teachers and faculty members; The Lance will highlight them in each edition posted.

Lindsey Sconhoft (pictured above) sat down with us to provide a succinct recap of her experience in Lancer County thus far. Despite her having 15 years of experience in the education world, her commitment to her students is without a doubt at the top of her list. Ms. Sconhoft teaches Intensive Reading, but her work does not end in the classroom. You will find Ms. Sconhoft at football games, soccer games, basketball games, anywhere her students need her. She does everything in her power to ensure she shows support to her students. What is truly neat is that Ms. Sconhoft is an alumnus from John I. Leonard High School; she graduated in 2004. “I graduated from John I. Leonard High School, so it is a treat to be back,” she said.  Ms. Sconhoft assures that she is elated to be part of the Lancer Family and looks forward to what the school year has in store for her and her marvelous students.

Welcome aboard, Ms. Sconhoft; we are lucky to have you!